Watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Movie Online

Published 03 17, 2015

Watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Movie Online


Year : 1964

Release date : 14 November 1964

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi,

Director : Nicholas Webster,

Writers: Glenville Mareth, Paul L. Jacobson,

Stars: John Call, Leonard Hicks, Vincent Beck, Bill McCutcheon, Victor Stiles,

Time: 81 min.

Quality: DVDRip/BDRip

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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Movie Online

Martians, upset that their children have become obsessed with TV shows from Earth which extol the virtues of Santa Claus, start an expedition to Earth to kidnap the one and only Santa. While on Earth, they kidnap two lively children that lead the group of Martians to the North Pole and Santa. The Martians then take Santa and the two children back to Mars with them. Voldar, a particularly grumpy Martian, attempts to do away with the children and Santa before they get to Mars, but their leader Lomas stops him. When they arrive on Mars, Santa, with the help of the two Earth children and a rather simple-minded Martian lackey, overcomes the Martians by bringing fun, happiness and Christmas cheer to the children of Mars.

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    2014, Family, Mercy Rule.Here’s the story, nutshelled: John Miller (Kirk Cameron) is an affable, loving family man who runs a scrap yard that he inherited from his father. He has a beautiful and wonderful wife, played by real-life spouse Chelsea Noble, and two kids, the precocious pre-teen daughter, and the rambunctious son with a passion for baseball. Cameron is under fire from the evil local government city council that wants to take over his scrap business via a barrage of environmental regulations and taxes, and simultaneously, his son is struggling to find his place on his little league team. Other notable characters are comedian Tim Hawkins, who is basically the Christian Weird Al, as Miller’s brother, and former MMA fighter Bas Rutten (!) as the little league coach. Over the course of the film, Cameron has innumerable cheesy, treacly conversations with his wife where she tells him how great he is, gets to make grand sweeping generalizations about government regulation, argues with his dipshit brother, and eventually has a Mr. Smith Goes To Washington moment in front of his local city council where he wins the day, saves his business from the evil gubment oppressors, and buys everyone ice cream (yes, really). Meanwhile, his son — the film’s parallel plotline — learns about teamwork and being an all-around good guy from his coach, his father, and his wacky uncle.
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    1995, Family, Adventure, Fantasy, The Indian in the Cupboard Movie Online The Indian in the Cupboard is a 1995 American fantasy-adventure film directed by Frank Oz. It was based on the children's book of the same name by Lynne Reid Banks. The story is about a boy who receives a cupboard as a gift on his ninth birthday. He later discovers that putting toy figures in the cupboard, after locking and unlocking it, brings the toys to life. On his ninth birthday, Omri (Hal Scardino) receives an old cupboard from his brother Gillon (Vincent Kartheiser) and a little Indian figure made of plastic from his best friend Patrick (Rishi Bhat). That night, Omri goes through his mom's box of old keys and finds that a gold colored key with a red ribbon tied to it (given to his mother by her grandmother) actually fits the keyhole of his cupboard. He then looks for an object to lock in the cupboard and settles for the Indian figurine. The next morning, he hears a small tapping noise coming from the cupboard. Omri opens the cupboard and finds a small living person hiding in the corner. It is actually the Indian figure who has magically come to life in human form. Frightened by his large acquaintance, the Indian pulls out a dagger and points it at Omri. Shortly afterwards, Omri's father comes in the room to help Omri get ready for school, forcing Omri to lock the cupboard and keep the Indian a secret. When Omri arrives home from school, he is upset to discover that the Indian has returned to its original toy form. When he goes to bed, Omri once more hears the tapping noise he heard that morning. He opens the cupboard to find the Indian alive once more. The Indian is again initially frightened of Omri but warms up to him, thinking Omri is a great spirit in a child's form, as the two begin talking, slowly forming a friendship. The Indian reveals himself as an English-speaking, 18th-century Iroquois Indian named Little Bear (Litefoot) who was fighting in the French and Indian War on the side of the British. During Little Bear's stay with Omri, Omri learns a lot about the Iroquois. Omri also learns that Little Bear has a deceased wife. Then Omri takes Little Bear outside but Little Bear gets hurt, forcing Omri to bring to life his brother's First World War British Army medic named Tommy Atkins (Steve Coogan), to treat Little Bear's wound.
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