Watch The Auction Movie Online

Published 02 27, 2015

Watch The Auction Movie Online


Year : 2013

Release date : 4 December 2013

Country: Canada

Genres: Drama,

Director : Sébastien Pilote,

Writers: Sébastien Pilote,

Stars: Gabriel Arcand, Gilles Renaud, Lucie Laurier, Sophie Desmarais, Johanne-Marie Tremblay,

Time: 111 min.

Quality: DVDRip/BDRip

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The Auction.Gaby owns a farm on which he raises lambs: Bouchard & Sons Farm. But he has no sons. Rather, he has two daughters that he raised like princesses and who live far away, in the big city. One day, the oldest asks him for some financial support so she doesn't end up losing her house. Gaby, for whom fatherhood has evolved to a point where it became unreasonable, decides to dismantle the farm.

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    2013, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, The Cook.A girl attends a rave, and is given a drug of some sort, which causes her to freak out and get hit by a car. Her friends decide to throw a memorial party at an abandoned park; unfortunately, their chosen campsite is near a shack occupied by the titular Cook, who doesn’t seem to be happy about a gaggle of drunken twenty-somethings invading his space. Or maybe he is, because he spends an awful lot of time killing them. If the plotline of The Cook sounds familiar and hackneyed, there is good reason: there is nothing here that hasn’t been done countless times before, and done much better. The principal issues with this film are cohesion and clarity, primarily with the title character. The Cook makes drugs and watches soap operas in his shack; has flashbacks to a religious upbringing and a family murder/suicide, may or may not be able to summon snakes, may or may not be able to become a goat-man, may or may not project himself into the aforementioned snakes, may or may not be a supernatural entity and, at a most improbable ending, may or not be the Messiah. We have no idea what drives the title character to make his drugs, what compels him to kill, why he is the way he is and we simply aren’t made to care. When creating a character such as this, it is an absolute necessity to delineate that character fully; to leave it so ambiguous is a fatal error.
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    2014, Drama, A Day Late and a Dollar Short.When irascible matriarch Viola Price learns that her next asthma attack will likely kill her, she is determined to fix her fractured family before she leaves this world, from her relationship with her husband to the lives of her four children and grandchildren. While on this quest, she must contend with sibling rivalry, teen pregnancy and drug addiction - and that is only one child. Additionally, her jailbird son needs to learn how to be a better father, her granddaughter is in bigger trouble than her daughter is willing to admit and Viola's estranged husband needs saving from his scheming younger girlfriend. It's the kind of meddling that the Price family hasn't experienced from Viola in decades, and she won't have an easy time bending her loved ones to her will.
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    2013, Documentary, Biography, Crime, Sport, 12 OClock Boys.To Baltimore locals, the 12 O'Clock Boys are hooligans - a group of urban dirt-bikers that perform death-defying stunts at excessive speeds through traffic and impressively evade the hamstrung police, who must adhere to a no-chase policy to maintain public safety. Yet they are heroes to Pug, a bright, young adolescent living in the city's dangerous Westside neighborhood with his charismatic mother Coco, extended family, and a menagerie of animals to which he tends in his long-standing hope to be a veterinarian. Yet as his obsession with the 12 O'Clock Boys grows, his desire to join the bikers begins eclipsing everything else in his life, much to Coco's dismay. Filled with stunningly kinetic footage that puts the viewer on up-close ride-alongs with the bikers, 12 O'CLOCK BOYS provides a compelling and personal story of a young boy and his dangerous, thrilling dream. 
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    2002, Action, Crime, Drama, Sport, Undisputed.George "Ice Man" Chambers (Rhames) is a top ranked heavyweight boxer. However Chambers has his world turned upside down when he is accused of rape and sent to prison. Upon his arrival he hears talk about Monroe Hutchen (Snipes) who is the top ranked prison boxing champ 10 years running. Immediately there is bad blood with Chambers not wanting to be second to no one which leads to a lunch room fight between the men. Figuring it will be a good way to make money fellow convict Emmanuel 'Mendy' Ripstein (Peter Falk) sets up a prison boxing match between the two men to decide who is the real UNDISPUTED champ. Michael Rooker plays a guard, Fisher Stevens, John Seda, and Master P co star.  
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    2013, Drama, The Auction.Gaby owns a farm on which he raises lambs: Bouchard & Sons Farm. But he has no sons. Rather, he has two daughters that he raised like princesses and who live far away, in the big city. One day, the oldest asks him for some financial support so she doesn't end up losing her house. Gaby, for whom fatherhood has evolved to a point where it became unreasonable, decides to dismantle the farm.
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    2007, Drama, Romance, Daddys Little Girls Movie Online Monty James (Idris Elba) is a respected and hard-working mechanic who has three daughters: China (China Anne McClain), Lauryn (Lauryn Alisa McClain), and Sierra (Sierra Aylina McClain). He has dreams of owning his own shop someday. Monty's children have been cared for by their maternal grandmother for many years. However, he realizes she is dying from lung cancer and she dies within a few weeks. His ex-wife, Jennifer (Tasha Smith), disrupts the tranquility of the service and demands that her daughters live with her. Jennifer later tells Monty that she is suing for custody. Strapped for cash and hoping to make his dream reality, Monty accepts help from Maya (Malinda Williams), an employment agency worker. Maya recommends Monty as a driver for Julia Rossmore (Gabrielle Union), an attorney in Atlanta. Julia’s friends, Brenda (Terri J. Vaughn) and Cynthia (Tracee Ellis Ross), set Julia up on a blind date with Byron (Craig Robinson), who is very loud and obnoxious. She also ends up on a blind date with a guy who she thinks is perfect for her until his wife and kids expose him as an unfaithful married man. When Monty and Julia meet, she is uptight, pushy, and insists on having everything done on schedule. Monty also finds out his eldest daughter, Sierra, accidentally started a fire in his home. Social Services were notified and the children were sent to live with their mother and her boyfriend, Joe (Gary Sturgis). Julia, sitting in the car, goes into the hospital to demand Monty to take her home, but sees Social Services sending his children to live with Jennifer. Monty returns to his day job as a mechanic and finds the owner Willie (Louis Gossett Jr.) has been injured in a robbery attempt. Willie offers to sell the shop to Monty for a $10,000 deposit. Monty later goes to Julia for help, but she refuses, leaving Monty to defend himself. However, during the court case, Julia walks in and defends him. The next evening, Monty goes to see Julia, who is astonished to see that he has provided for his daughters their entire lives. Julia finishes Monty’s case preparation and Monty walks Julia out of the office to her car. Monty discovers it is her 32nd birthday and takes her to his favorite jazz club. Eventually, Julia dances with Monty. As they are traveling home, Julia kisses Monty and asks him to spend the night. Monty is willing but Julia is too drunk and vomits in the bathroom. Julia changes her mind and tells Monty to go home. Over the next few weeks, Julia begins to feel confused. Monty is a decent guy, but she is a successful woman trying to find a successful man. She goes to Monty's apartment to meet his daughters during his visitation right. When they're at the aquarium, Julia sees one of her friends there and gets reminded that she has to be conscious of decisions which impact her career. Monty overhears Julia’s friend and is hurt.
    286 2,258
    2007,USA, Drama, Romance,
  • Watch Casper Movie Online
    Watch Casper Movie Online
    1995, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Casper.A paranormal expert and his daughter bunk in an abandoned house populated by 3 mischievous ghosts and one friendly one.
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    1995,USA, Comedy, Family, Fantasy,